A Guide to Finding the Perfect Yoga Mat

If you ask some of the fitness specialists of the world about the best forms of working out, they’ll probably direct you to yoga. Did you know that this ancient form of spiritual, mental and physical exercise originated in India? However, yoga seems to have traveled far and wide and has now gained popularity all over the world. This is the only form of exercise that does you immense good since it cleanses mind, body and soul. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not just essential for weight loss. Yoga is all about being fit- being in the pink of your health.

If you’ve decided to join a yoga class, well done! You’ve just taken a step towards a healthier lifestyle. But if you’re serious about it, you need to start gearing up. Yoga usually doesn’t require too many paraphernalia; yet, an efficient yoga mat is of the utmost importance. Planning to get your own yoga mats? Then this step by step guide here would help you find “the one”!

1) Thickness

First and foremost, you need to decide upon the thickness of your mats. More often than not, you’ll find mats that have a 1/8 inch thickness. Now these guarantee adequate support, and you can very well imagine the density. If you’re looking for extra thick mats, you need ones with a 1/4 inch thickness. Do you have joint problems like knee ache? In that case, you need these extra thick mats. Thick mats are good in a way, they reduce the impact on the person using it since it forms a kind of cushion between he floor and the user. Plus, these are durable and would last you at least a few years.

2) Weight

Now comes the weight of the mat. Common sense tells us that a thicker mat will weigh more. It eventually comes down to how far you’ll be traveling with your mat. Is it just down the block, or do you have to take the subway to the other end of the city? Think twice before buying a mat that you’ll have to drag across town. You don’t want your yoga classes to become a headache, do you? In that case, you need to really careful about the weight while purchasing your yoga mat.

3) Grip

Are you practicing hot yoga? Well, the you’re likely to be puffing and panting by the time your class gets over. If your mat becomes slippery when you sweat, you might end up falling and injuring yourself. You need a mat that is not only sturdy or durable but also sweat proof. It must have a solid grip. If you have done yoga before, you’ll be able to judge the grip factor for yourself while purchasing. If not, it’s always better to have a guide with you.

4) Material

This is the fourth step of your yoga mat buying venture. Now mostly, all mats are PVC. The best part about using PVC mats is that they last really long, almost a lifetime. Today, there are different kinds of materials to consider if you’re talking about yoga mat material. Why, some are even made of eco friendly material! If you believe in going green, then you should definitely go for the latter. 

Well now you know! This is the secret to finding the perfect yoga mat. If you manage to get it right, your yoga mat is going to be your best friend for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Go on, and give it a try for yourself!

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