How to Wash Your Yoga Mat

Having a yoga mat that ended up absorbing all of that sweat from the stretch-based exercise routines might take a toll on it. Not just about the smell but the quality of the mat as well. Not all yoga mats have explicitly mentioned how often it should be washed or if it can be amenable to various types of detergents available in the market today. With that in mind, all that is left for you to do is check some DIY alternatives in trying to wash your yoga mat. Check any disclaimers found in the package or box that contained the yoga mat. There are some yoga mats that would explicitly

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New year’s resolution: Finding the right yoga mat

New year… new yoga mat? Finding the perfect mat is not an easy task, and a good mat can help perfect a steady and comfortable asana. There are so many things to look for – good grip, the right amount of thickness, eco-friendliness, and of course – style. If you have been practicing yoga for a while, your first yoga mat might have been cheap, and either purple or blue with bits of foam flaking off under your toes after just a few uses. No one wants to practice on a mat like that anymore, and certainly not take any anatomy defying Insta pics while on it. This is perfectly fine,

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Yoga Zeal Mats — Your Ideal Fitness Gear

One of the best ways to enhance a healthy lifestyle and get relieved from common problems like anxiety, stress, and others, is practicing yoga. Engaging in yoga activities offers you a lot of life-saving benefits — it will boost your immunity, prevent a number of health challenges and even heal some of these problems. Whether you do your yoga work-out in a yoga studio, at home, or in a garden, yoga mats are a vital tool to make your practice session a fruitful one. Primarily, these mats are useful for absorbing sweat produced when you practice yoga intensely. They also help prevent your hands from getting sweaty as you hold up

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3 Questions To Ask When Buying A Non-Slip Mat

We’ve all been there—you’re in Downward Dog and you can barely hold the pose because your feet and hands keep slipping. No matter how strong of a yoga practice you have, a slippery mat can make yoga nearly impossible. And if you practice, you know that yoga is hard enough without the added challenge of a slippery mat! In addition to making yoga more challenging, slipping can also increase the likelihood of an injury. That’s why a nonslip mat is so important.   But how can you tell if a mat is nonslip? Here are a few questions to ask when buying a non-slip mat:   Is the mat sweat proof

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Tips To Choose a Good Yoga Mat

Are you excited for your first yoga class? Believe it or not, it is the first step to a physically fit and mentally sound body and mind. Now that you have signed up for a healthier life, it’s time to buy a yoga mat. Before deciding on one, it’s important to do a good research on the signs of a good mat – material, durability, traction, thickness, eco-friendliness and stickiness. The choice of a proper mat not only helps you in your workout but also creates a positive atmosphere for your workout. Some of the significant elements include – Material and durability A good grip is the most important function of

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