Tips To Select Durable and Efficient Yoga Mats

Let’s go back to the start. What is yoga essentially all about? It is about rediscovering that scared connection between your mind and your body. It reveals to you the little truths about your bodies that were previously unknown. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often lose tough with our inner self. That’s the beauty of yoga- it lets you get back in touch with your consciousness, your inner soul. The moment you step onto a yoga mat, remember you’re embarking on a beautiful journey of spiritual and physical well being. This is the journey that’s going to change your life.

Naturally, you need a yoga mat which supports and kick starts your yoga journey. On your way to becoming a yogi? Then you need the best and more durable yoga mat you can get your hands on. Having high standards is a must if you’re planning to purchase one. It needs to be sturdy enough to at least last a few years, if not more. So these are a few things you need to keep in mind –

How often are you planning to do yoga?

This is something you need to establish right at the beginning. Are you planning to do it only once¬† a week, or at least a few times everyday? Or maybe you’re uber serious about it and you want to do it every day? Based on that, you need to pick your yoga mat. Remember, you’re still in the initial phase now, and that means you haven’t decided what kind of mat you want. Traditional mats happen to be one of the most sturdy ones in the market till date.

Taking expert advice

If this is the first time you’re trying yoga, chances are, you have zero idea about yoga mats. But that’s okay, there’s a first time for everything. Unfortunately, if you’re an amateur, shopkeepers are quick to pick up on that and would sell you the most expensive yoga mats which may or may not have the best quality. That’s why an expert’s advice is always appreciated. You must be knowing someone who’s into yoga. A friend at work? Or your partner! Take them along when you buy the mat and have them judge the durability for you.

Cushion and traction

A more durable mat will provide you with more cushion. Why, you ask? A durable mat is bound to have more thickness than ordinary mats. It is going to have more padding as well. More padding is equivalent to more cushion. It’ll be easier on your back and last you longer- talk about getting the best of both worlds! Plus, the sturdy ones provide a better grip. If you’re practicing your balancing postures, you won’t be tripping over anytime soon.

Solid support

What is the main purpose of a durable yoga mat? Providing adequate support? When you’re standing on one toe, you want to be assured that there’s something supporting you and that you won’t fall. All the balancing postures require a certain amount of stability and your yoga mat can be the source of that. A good quality yoga mat would support your body and thus help you make the most of your yoga session.

If you’re actually buying a yoga mat, you will want something that lasts at least a few years. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on the same thing year after year. Plus, you need a yoga mat that won’t wear out after a few weeks of using it. If you haven’t bought your first yoga mat yet, or if you’ve been disappointed with your previous yoga mat buying experience, it’s time to learn from your mistakes. You can keep these tips in mind the next time you’re buying a yoga mat for yourself!

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